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Ural Buddhist monastery Shad Tchup Ling

Shad Tchup Ling Buddhist monastery ( tib. «The place of practice and realisation») is founded on 15 May 1995.

Lama Sanye Tenzin Dokchit (his worldly name is Michail Sannikov) arrived to Kachkanar mountain after graduation of the Institute in Ivolginskiy Datsan (Buryatia) and started building the Buddhist centre. The monastery’s name and it’s location were given to Lama Sanye Tenzin Dokchit by his teacher Pemah Jung (Darma – Dodi Jalsarayev, 1904 — 1997 гг.).

Nowadays the monastery unites practitioners from different sities and towns of Russia (monks and laity). The main task of Shad Tchup Ling monastery is development of Buddhist science, yogi and monk Buddhist tradition in Russian culture. Organization of education and practice is realised through special training programs, rituals, services, traditional events, individual and collective Buddhist practices.